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Thursday, June 27, 2013

blog sale

All items below are for sale - please note there is one photo of SAMPLES (the NARS is honey, and the candy cane 3N1 is 50% full.)   The BE TTYL is also a SAMPLE SIZE.   
All other items are sizes shown.   I am taking reasonable offers on these items - I need to downsize them.

Pencils have been used, need to be sharpened.   UDPP is NEW.


Most sizes are new or swatched only.     I will confirm with you at purchase with a photo of the condition of all bottles.   -- the frankens are mostly mini sizes.   Ask me to toss these in with a purchase.

Brand Color
ChG He's Going in Circles
ChG Visit Me in Prism

Payment and shipping - payment is by paypal only.  I do ship internationally - however I do not provide tracking for an international shipment and this is buyer beware.   I have not had a package go missing in over 5 years of swapping/selling but it does happen.   I will invoice for payment plus shipping.   
10.00 minimum please, shipping will be actual cost plus $1.00 for materials.

To inquire about an item or to purchase email gboneske at gmail  -- please do not leave comments.